Chemistry for Life Sciences

Our capabilities, expertise and management seeks opportunities to use our excellence and experience in chemistry to solve problems and develop pre-seed technologies with founders in life sciences.

Capabilities: From synthetic feasibility to drug discovery, process development and production, Omm Scientific can play an active role in your basic research, drug discovery or drug development program.

Contract research capabilities include:
• Research tool design
• Multi-step complex syntheses
• Process development and optimization to kg quantities
• Analog synthesis and SAR optimization
• Analytical method development

Expertise: Omm Scientific offers custom synthesis of high value products for the biotech and biopharmaceutical industries.

These include:
• Eicosanoids,
• Arachidonic acid metabolites
• Mitochondrial targeted conjugates
• Azide – alkyne click chemistries
• Biotinylation
• Custom design of bio-conjugation reagents

Development Partner:
Our core expertise in chemistry and proven ability to understand and work with life science researchers can launch the development of pre-seed or early stage technologies

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